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Simplifying Digital Transformation

‘Transformation’ looks like a scary word. To many organisations, it is.

It doesn’t have to be.

SparkTank exists to simplify the journey through 4 effective steps.

Review & Map

Deeply understanding the current technology stack, infrastructure and digital touchpoints along the customer and employee journey maximizes results.

Prioritize & Plan

Based on a company’s values and responsibilities, our project plan prioritizes activities that strengthen company operations and delivers results.

Prove & Expand

Powerful technology adoption needs stakeholder investment and trust. Our strategy for mid-impact, fast wins are complemented by big-impact, slow wins.

Learn & Predict

With the right tools and data in place, deep learning can uncover insights. With insight, companies can predict. With prediction, companies can adapt more quickly.

Digital Reform Doesn't Have to be Confusing

It's our goal to ensure the transformation journey is straightforward and simple. That doesn't mean it will be easy, but we're here to keep it manageable.

Digital Maturity Is A Competitive Edge

Digital champions have been shown to increase market share by 18% compared to digital laggard competitors.

Understanding Data Is Powerful

By effectively harnessing company and open-source data, hidden insights and trends can be used to propel businesses forward.

Digital Reform Is Just Good Business


67% of executives believe digital transformation is a matter of business survival


67% of global 2000 companies that have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy.


81% of business leaders say digital maturity efforts have definitely differentiated their company.


84% is the expected 5-year growth rate for innovative companies. Mainstream companies are only expected 28% growth.

It Starts & Ends With A Story...

70% of all digital transformation efforts will fail without internal engagement collaboration and C-Suite support. Telling an accurate and compelling data story is an important contributor to success.

…But Requires A First Step

Let’s explore.

Review & Map

Prioritize & Plan

Prove & Expand

Learn & Predict