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Technology Always Has a Story

We’re a multi-disciplinary business consultancy building stronger technology companies through smarter strategy, people-focused business development and delightful storytelling.

SparkTank exists to find and cultivate the unique spark within a technology business, that sets it apart from others.


A business development and marketing strategy unique to each business


Practical objectives and key results clearly and carefully planned


We play the game 15 moves ahead, considering all commercial angles.

Giving Technology a Clear Voice

Technology company founders are often technologists, who get lost in the specific features of a product offering. Potential clients in the C-Suite don't need buzzwords like data analytics, SaaS, IaaS, MLaaS - they need tangible and effective solutions to a real business problem.

Deeply Understanding People

Understanding the people within a technology company and within the commercial market helps us assess the business landscape and develop the most strategic plan. Each customer persona has their own language and pain points.

Business Development is Relationship Development

People want to work with others they can trust and rely on. We treat our client's customers the way we'd like to be respected and they want to be treated. We teach our client's team to do the same. Whether a relationship is formed online or offline, it's equally important.

A Road Less Traveled

Pioneering a new technology takes guts and tenacity because the road isn't clearly marked. However, every journey starts & ends with a story. It's so much more than 'sales & marketing'. Let's take the next step together.